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“When I initially walked into Gage Strength Training, I was a bit intimidated.  I hadn’t grown up being physically fit or spent time in gyms.  This was unlike anything I had imagined.  There were no treadmills, or weight machines and I didn’t see stacks of weights.  Instead I was looking at kettlebells,  tractor tires, and sledge hammers. Devin could tell I was a bit overwhelmed and unsure and helped to make me comfortable.  We worked through my first Body Blitz class and I was hooked.  I was doing things I never thought I could do!  And even after two months, I walk away after each class, simply amazed at the new things I can accomplish. Devin has a way of pushing you to your limits, while supporting you when you are struggling.  He used the word ‘trust’ during our training recently and I thought how important it is, that I can trust what he’s doing for me.  And I do! My results are incredible.  I have lost a lot of weight over the past year and running has left me thin, but flabby.  Since starting at Gage Strength Training, I am seeing that flab disappear.  I am trimming down and not bulking up as lots of women worry about with lifting weights.  I am proud to look in the mirror and see a strong, toned body. Bring on the summer, I’m ready to show off!  You can be too!!!”


“Taking Devins workout program was the best decision i made. Devins workouts were fun, challenging, and gave me direction at the gym. I showed up to the gym knowing exactly what I was doing and didnt waste any time. Devin designed well thought out workouts that started off for the more novice and increased graduately. I noticed results within the first week. I lost troublesome fat and increased muscle tone. Not to mention the immense amount of added strength which benefits me a lot in the nursing field. Im looking forward to taking more of Devins classes in the future.”


“I’ve Packed on 10lbs. of muscle since I’ve been training at Gage Strength Training! I’ve packed on lean muscle and I’ve never looked better!”


“So Impressed with the results I’m getting from this program! This program is tough, But in turn gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment. If you are ready for a serious change in your life, this is the program for you.”