10 Habits of Highly Fit People

Do you want to look better, feel better, move better, and live better?

Do your daily habits or routines align with those goals? Are you constantly putting yourself in situations to succeed? 


Are you just going through the motions, doing the same old habits that you’ve always done hoping one day you’ll just wake up with everything you want?

Humans are efficient beings. It’s a gift and a curse. We do what’s comfortable, easy, and convenient. 

Old habits, die hard. 

But it’s these habits that are holding us back from getting to where we want to go. 

So how do we change?

Unfortunately, I’m not a psychologist and can’t provide a dissertation on human behavior. But I can give you one piece of advice that is pretty easy to put into action. 

If you want to be healthy/fit/jacked/lean/strong, start acting like a healthy/fit/jacked/lean/strong person…Start living like a healthy/fit/jacked/lean/strong person. 

Do what they do, eat what they eat, drink what they drink, etc. 

You may have heard of the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”…Well here are the cliff notes to my made up book “10 Habits of Fit People!”

  1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store: Produce, fish, meat, dairy…real food from real sources is always placed on the perimeter of the grocery store. The more food that comes from the outside, the better off you’ll be. The middle isles are full of processed junk. If it can sit on your shelf for more than a week, it probably shouldn’t be in your body. 
  1. Plan your weekly workouts and meals: Plan what days and times you’re going to the gym before the week starts! The better you are at scheduling your life, the less surprises tend to pop up to keep you out of the gym. Fit people know what they’re eating, when they’re eating, and why they’re eating. Plan out your weekly menu BEFORE you go to the store. After you plan and shop, prepare all your food for the week so it’s easy to grab! 
  1. Manage Stress: Stress can wreak havoc on the body. From long term health problems to stubborn belly fat, the stress your body and mind are under can control your body composition. Take 10 minutes a day and decompress. That can be a 10 min walk, 10 min of mobility/yoga/stretching, 10 min of breathing/meditation, etc.
  1. Make sleep a priority: Sleep plays a massive role in your health and well-being. I’d rank sleep above diet AND exercise when it comes to the “most important pillar of health.” A minimum of 7 hours of QUALITY sleep should be you nightly goal.  
  1.  Eat consciously: Do you eat consciously? Do you listen to your body when you eat? Or do you eat mindlessly? Fit people listen to their body when they eat. They eat slow, they chew their food, and they eat until they’re about 80% full. 
  1.  Lift Weights: Strength training in any form will increase bone density, improve posture, improve body composition, and increase lean muscle mass. Having an appreciable level of lean body mass a part of overall “fitness” 
  1.  Do “Cardio:” Having a good aerobic fitness level helps lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, regulate weight, and strengthen your immune system. Hike, Run, HIIT, Bike, Swim, Circuit Train, Walk, etc. Do something at least 2x for 30-60min that makes you huff and puff.  
  1. Drink Water: Our bodies are 60% water, and with all the training you’re set to do, you’ll need to replenish your fluids. Aim for half your weight in fluid ounces (200lbs = 100 ounces). 
  1. Eat adequate protein: To build and support strong structures, you must consume protein. There are all kinds of proteins. Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore there’s a protein source for you. Daily intake depends on specific goals, but a standard recommendation is .7 – .8g per pound (200lbs = 140-160g). 
  1. Be Consistent:  Repeat your workouts, repeat your meal prep, repeat your sleeping routine, repeat your stress management habits. If something is good for you, do it everyday.