4 Disciplines that Will Change Your Life

Adapted from the book Four Disciplines of Execution 

Weekly Chat with Devin 7/14 Video and Notes:

  1. Set A Goal – an exciting and wildly important goal!
    • Think of the exciting outcomes you want to achieve (going upstairs without feeling out of breathe). What is your health holding you back from? 
    • SMART: Needs to be very Specific (how you feel, pant size, etc). Needs to be Measurable, Attainable or realistic, Relevant (in line with your life now and your value system), and Time sensitive. 
  2. Act on Lead Measures = the daily/weekly actions that will lead to a likely outcome 
    • 50 lb weight loss goal is a lag goal because you either hit it or you didn’t at the end. You need lead measures or micro-goals that are ongoing and help you reach the final outcome. 
    • Identify the least amount of things that will lead to that outcome. Examples – setting calorie goals, setting number of workouts/week goal, and take progress photos!
  3. Keep a Visible and Compelling Scorecard 
    • Track your progress and metrics in something visible, physical (like a calendar or a goal board). This should be something simple you can look at and see if you are on and off track at any given day/week. 
    • Track water goals daily, weight self daily, etc. It needs to be something in front of you! Here at Gage we have accountability charts for numbers of workouts per week/month – star for each workout to track. 
  4. Create a Cadence of Accountability = holding yourself to your commitments
    • You can do an accountability check in yourself or have an accountability partner – having a friend or family member hold you accountable or reporting to a coach. 
    • Should be WEEKLY so you don’t fall off track. 
    • Structure of each weekly accountability check in — Report on your last commitment, review your scoreboard (on track or off track?), and recommit…make a new set of commitments and goals for the next week (if on track, recommit. If off-track, make a new goal or recommit).