5 Ways To Stay Healthy with In Home Workouts

5 Ways To Stay Healthy with In Home Workouts 

If your goal is weight loss and all you’re doing are in home workouts, then you’re missing some key elements to losing weight, building muscle and getting healthier… But that’s why your favorite personal trainer in West Chester, pa is here to help! 

If you were to view your body as a bank account, a workout would be a withdraw. If you aren’t able to balance your “stress checkbook” you’re headed for a world of hurt! 

Now more than ever, we have to prioritize making “deposits” into our bodies bank account. The stress of the news, zoom workouts, health of your loved ones, job security, financial security, kids out of school, lack of social connection, etc. Is chipping away at our balance every day. 

What are you doing to replenish your account?? Below are 5 of my favorite ways to balance the books so to speak. 

Get outside and go for a walk or hike: I make sure to get outside for a minimum of 45min a day to walk. When I have more time I’ll get into the woods and go for a long hike. 

20-30 min movement circuit: Sometimes recovering from workouts means actually working out. 

Doing a 20-30 minute in home workout is a great way to replenish your bodies bank account. The goal is here to move, increase your core temperature, and do a little strength training. A good training program for recovery may look something like this: 20 Min AMRAP: 8 BW Squats, 8 Push Ups, 20s Bear Crawl Plank, 5/5 Deadbugs, 8/8 Farmer Carry March, 8 RDL, 8 Rows. The movements are no different from any other training session I may do, but the intent and intensity are completely different. 

20 Minute Mobility Practice: I use an interval timer that is set for 20x 1min blocks. Every 60s I do a different mobility drill. However, if I don’t want to think about it I’ll follow something on YouTube.com If you search 20 Min Mobility Workout a ton of great options will come up.

Yoga: I go back to YouTube.com for this. My go-to’s are SaraBethYoga and Yoga with Adriene. They each have 100s of videos to choose from and these can really help your flexibility and give you a good ab workout. 

Foam rolling and a Contrast shower: I’ll do a 10-15 full body soft tissue workout with a foam roller, stick roller, and lacrosse ball to loosen up all the knots and tight spots I may have developed over the course of the week. Following the soft tissue work, I’ll hit a quick contrast shower 60s hot, 30s cold for 4 sets. It’s a great way to refresh your body and mind. 

These tips can help you increase your weight loss results, keep you feeling healthy and keep you on track with your fitness goals! 

If you need a personal trainer or group fitness program here in West Chester, PA, then contact us at [email protected] and we will get you set up with some personal training!