Are you training on purpose?

Are you training “on purpose”?

“You’re known to billions of people in the world as Jerry Seinfeld, but there are only 3 people who can call you Dad” 

Over the weekend I was watching

Comedians in cars getting coffee

and there was a conversation between Dana Carvey and Jerry Seinfeld about dealing with fame, and remembering what really matters. Two legendary celebrities talking about giving up everything they have in the world for the people that truly matter. 

Of all the titles that I have had in my life between Son, brother, entrepreneur, friend and any others the only one that truly matters is “Dad”. 

That is my purpose. 

When you realize your purpose, you can start to filter all of your decisions through the filter of “is this On Purpose?” 

Is this decision moving me toward my purpose, or away from it? 

Does making this decision make me a better dad, or worse? 

Will this effect my ability to be Dad? 

All of the best decisions I’ve made in my life have been run through this filter.


But really, why should you care about any of this? 

You should care because every decision that you make will move you towards or away from your purpose, whatever that may be.


Recently I had a discussion with a client (several, actually) who had been struggling with following a strict nutrition plan to reach a fat loss goal. 

It effected them mentally and was causing depression, anxiety and they weren’t feeling their best self… There is no body image of body fat % or weight goal that will ever make that feeling worth it. 

When your training and “Diet” don’t align with your purpose then you are training off-purpose. 

Our goal is to train on-purpose. 

Your job is to identify your purpose, and filter your decisions through that lens. 

If your purpose is “mom”, but your nutrition leaves you tired, miserable and lacking the energy to be the best Mom you can be- You may be eating off-purpose.


If your purpose is to be a leader, but your training has zapped all the energy you have and leaves you injured and your nervous system in shambles then how will you lead? (I have been here in Strongman training). 

Maybe eating a higher caloric intake isn’t going to help you drop body fat, but it will give you the energy to feel your absolute best. That would be eating On-purpose.

Everyone’s purpose will be different, so I can’t answer that for you. All I can do is encourage you to examine your routine and decide whether you’re training on-purpose or if your training is sending you off-purpose. 

For me, I will sacrifice a few %s of body fat so that I can get ice cream with Kadynce, taste her food to “make sure it’s not poison” and grab some munchkins on the way to school. 

With all of this being said… 

There are benefits to the experience of showing discipline in pursuit of a goal, and proving to yourself you’re capable of more. This shouldn’t let you off the hook to being the healthiest and best person you can be- And discipline and overcoming challenges is absolutely part of that. 

This is just a reminder of the bigger things in life, and if you are miserable in your pursuit of a goal- Re-examine that goal. 

There is probably a more meaningful and purposeful approach. 

When it comes to my training and nutrition, my filter is if this is going to move me toward or away from “Dad”.


For my clients and my community, your value or success will never be defined by your weight or % body fat but in how you move toward your purpose.