Athlete Highlight: Elizabeth + Laine McGurk

Athletes Of The Week: Elizabeth + Laine McGurk

This month we are excited to acknowledge and highlight the hard work, and dedication from two athletes here at Gage Strength Training with an interview on their progress, goals and aspirations while training with us at Gage with with father Terry McGurk.



Elizabeth + Laine McGurk



Bayard Rustin High School 



Elizabeth: lacrosse, basketball and cross country, 

Laine:  Basketball

Elizabeth and Laine McGurk have been training with us at Gage Strength Training for over 3 months now in preparation of their next respective seasons. They have proven to be incredibly committed, consistent and hard working and have seen huge improvements since beginning here with us. 

These girls have established themselves as serious athletes on the field and on the court for Bayard Rustin High School, and the program at Gage has been focused on helping them unleash their full potential for speed, strength and skill!

Some improvements that they and their father, Terry McGurk, has noticed include “bursts of speed, vertical jump, overall shoulder and leg strength and core strength”. When asked about their biggest accomplishments seen so far, they’ve noted that they’ve been able to do their first pull up, and seen a large improvement in Foot Speed. 

In the future, these girls have hopes of competing at a collegiate level for their sports as well as bringing their best performance to their current High School teams. 

At Gage Strength Training, they’re working on improving their vertical jump as well as explosive speed and quickness so that they make a statement next year on the court and on the field and we are incredibly proud to have them inside of our program! 

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