Best Fitness Gifts 2020

Top Holiday Gifts for The Fitness Lover In Your Family!

Holiday time is here, and that means searching for the perfect gift for the special someone in your life… 

We all know how difficult that can be to figure out what they don’t already have, what they may like, and what may be useful.


As a personal trainer, we get asked all the time what might be a good gift for the fitness lover in a person’s family, so I put together a list of items that any fitness lover would love to receive whether they are working out for weight loss, on diet plan, or just getting stronger!

Check out our Holiday shopping guide for fitness lovers below! 

1. Soft Tissue Mobilization tools


If you spend enough time in the gym tearing muscles down, you know that soft tissue work is important to keeping you healthy and strong. 

One of the hottest items for fitness enthusiasts right now is the Theragun, which is a percussive massage gun made to soothe sore muscles, increase blood flow and reduce soreness… While you can find cheaper brands for this type of device, Theragun is a sturdy device that will last a lifetime.

2. High Quality Shaker Cups

Plastic shaker cups are a thing of the past… Especially when you make protein shakes daily, or drink them on the road where they may sit in your car (gross). 

In 2020, the stainless steel shaker cup is the way to go. Insulated to keep your beverage at the desired temperature, and the steel won’t leave that rotten protein drink smell. To top it all off, they look sleek and are easy to clean!

3. HRV Tracking Devices 

The basic fitbit, and step tracker is a tool of the past… The future of fitness tracking lies in HRV tracking. Devices like the Oura Ring, and Whoop band are the perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life. 

HRV, which stands for Heart Rate Variability, is a metric which can track your body’s readiness for training… A low HRV means you should take it easy and recover, and a high HRV means you’re ready to go. 

They combine sleep data, HRV and overall stress to guide the user on how to train to get the best results. 

Users can find themselves holding themselves accountable and making huge strides in their health by using data to guide their training and lifestyle decisions. 

4. The right shoes! 

Running shoes aren’t good for weightlifting or cross training, and crosstraining shoes are not good for running! 

A Running shoe typically has a thick, soft sole that absorbs repetitive impact on concrete to protect a runners’ joints from wear and tear. This comfort, however, does not provide a lot of stability when it comes to weightlifting. 

If the fitness lover in your life does Crossfit, or other types of cross training with weights, then you should look for a cross training shoe with a flat and stiff sole to provide a stable force to carry heavy weights on top of. 

5. Supplements!


One item that most fitness lovers use a lot of are their favorite supplements! 

Proteins, pre-workouts, BCAAs, sleep supplements and meal replacements can fill in the gaps of their everyday diet, and provide the fuel to recover from tough workouts and get the results they want. 

There’s no greater gift than to do some supplement shopping for the fitness lover in your life!

…These gifts should guide you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for the fitness lover in your life and give them a happy holiday! 

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