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New year, Not you!

New year, New you? NEW YEAR, NOT YOU.    Every gym in town right now is probably running promotions and programs called “new year, new

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Success in 2020

Time for New Year, New You I’ve been picking on New Year’s Resolutions the past few weeks, but since so many people do like to

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Keep Things Simple

It’s easy to get lost in all the nuances of nutrition.One minute fat is evil and will kill you, then it’s carbs are evil and

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5 Reasons Your Weight Spikes

5 Reasons Your Weight Spikes  Daily weight fluctuation is normal. If you weigh yourself consistently you’ve probably noticed the weight on the scale can fluctuate

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Punch The Clock

Punch The Clock  We’ve all made excuses to miss a workout from time to time:  -too busy  -too tired  -too stressed  -too sore Whatever it

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What’s a Good Snack?

One of the most common questions I get is about snacking. What are good snacks? And what snacks actually taste good?  A snack of two

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Turkey Sausage Recipe

Don’t have time for breakfast?    Your first meal sets the tone of the day. If you start the day off with a low-protein/fat, high-carb

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