How to Eat LESS Without Feeling Hungry

Stop limited food quantity, and start to focus on the RIGHT foods on your plate

“Hunger is just fat crying”

This is another one of those fitness motivational quotes that motivates no one. 

Extreme hunger is not required in order for you to lose weight, and today you’ll find out you can eat LESS without feeling hungry. 

When you design a weight loss plan, your diet shouldn’t make you feel ravenous throughout the day. Yes, feeling hungry is a natural part of the fat loss process. 

You will, at some points of the day, feel hungry, but it shouldn’t be all day long. 


Hunger is going to drain your willpower faster. If you’re full, it’s easier to say “no” to the cake in the breakroom. Now do that when you’re hungry… It’s much less likely to happen. 

Sure, you might have the willpower to push through it for a week or two, but after that it wears away to “maybe I’ll just have a taste” to “just a small slice”, and finally “I’ll just get back on my diet tomorrow” and then you’re back to eating a regular piece of cake (or two) with no end in sight. 

If you feel hopeless in your weight loss journey, and always succumb to that feeling of hunger, you’re not alone. So what “superpower” do these people have that helps them avoid cheating on their diet, and quit those hunger paints?

The answer is to eat MORE foods that are nutrient dense, and trigger your body to feel satiated (AKA full). 

You already know what they are, lean proteins and vegetables. That’s what should make up the bulk of your diet along with some filling carbs and healthy fats to slow digestion. 

A great tool that can help you figure out exactly what foods will leave you feeling full for longer, google the “Satiety index” and find the foods you like best and eat them often! 

Which proteins should you focus on?

Chicken breast

White fish and tuna

Lean red meat

Lean ground beef and turkey

Pork chops and tenderloin

The body responds to foods differently with a group of hormones that are called your “hunger hormones” which tell you whether to eat more, or to stop.

Foods like chicken and other lean pieces of meat trigger those hormones that tell you to stop a lot faster than processed carbs, and fattier cuts of meat. 

All vegetables are good options as they’re ultra low in calories and you can eat a ton but keep your calories low. Where most people mess up is in the cooking process. 

They overdo it on cooking oils, cheese and butter which skyrocket the calorie content. If you want to add a little flavor to your vegetables, try using apple cider vinegar or lemon zest. 

So, we’ve covered the first two foods to fill your plate with… What about carbs? 

Think about any foods that are “Binge worthy” and you’ll most likely be thinking about a carb, so it’s easy to just say “carbs are bad!” 

The truth is that carbs are not the problem. The problem is when carbs are mixed and processed with fats, which make them what food scientists call “Hyper Palatable” and this makes your brain light up with dopamine which leads to overeating. 

It’s not easy to binge eat a plain baked potato… But add butter, bacon and cheese and you’ll go nuts. 

Plain pasta? Not all that appetizing… But add butter, garlic and oils and you’ve eaten 8 servings. 

Carbs are a necessary food group, but if you want to curb hunger and avoid overeating, then avoid mixing them with sources of fat, or just be careful with how much fat you use. 

For fats, focus on whole food sources like avocado and nuts versus using oil and butter. 

In conclusion, if you struggle with hunger pains while on a diet then you should stop limited food quantity, and start to focus on the RIGHT foods on your plate… Lean proteins and vegetables to fill you up, and carbs with limited fats mixed in! 

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