How Your Toothbrush Can Help You Lose Weight?

The Surprising Way Your Toothbrush Can Help You Lose Weight! 

Have you ever said to yourself… 

“Once I get my teeth clean, I’ll take a break from brushing them for a while”

Or “My old toothbrush wasn’t cleaning my teeth, so I’ll use this fancy one for a bit then go back to the old one that didn’t work” 


Brushing your teeth, and getting yourself in shape.

This comparison is a lot more accurate than you think.

Your teeth require daily cleaning and maintenance… The same way that 

your body requires daily movement and maintenance. 

The quality of your teeth is affected daily by the food you eat, requiring them to constantly be cleaned a maintained… The same way that 


quality of your health is affected daily by the food you eat, and requires constant movement and maintenance. 

The consequence of not brushing your teeth is bad. 

They’ll be unhealthy and maybe start falling out. 

The same way that the consequence of not moving and taking care of your body is bad…

 It’ll be unhealthy and things will fall off (alright maybe not)

There is only ONE way to maintain dental health, and it’s daily maintenance. 

There is no 4-week high intensity plan that you can do once a year and expect those results to last. 

The same way you can’t expect your body to maintain its health from working out hard for 4 weeks and then going back to what didn’t work before. 

Your body, like your teeth, needs constant maintenance and improvements… Everyday you are either getting healthier or worsening your health- There is no “maintenance”. 

Commit to the daily maintenance by finding an exercise program you love, and STICK to it. 

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