I Lost Weight During the Shutdown!

Some People Actually LOST Weight during the shutdown… Here’s how they did it! 

During a time when most people were stuck in their homes with limited access to fitness equipment and unlimited access to alcohol (Studies show alcohol sales incresaed 54%!) and snacks… It’s easy to let our health and fitness goals take a backseat as we all got lost in the epic saga of Joe “Tiger King” Maldonado-Passage. 

While a lot of people let their health slip, and gained the “Covid-19”(lbs), others remained steadfast toward their goals. 

So, with so much stacked against us during this shutdown… How did they do it?

Let’s hear some success stories from our friends here in West Chester, PA! 

Eric S. 


Eric LOST weight during the shutdown.. A total of 5lb. 


“Less junk food and more portion Control, less eating out probably helped too”

What “tricks” or tips do you have for people?

“Routine helps a lot but it’s not very exciting”

Jeannette M. 


Lost 5lb in a month! 


Gage Strength Training virtual workouts!

What “tricks” or tips do you have for people?:

“Keep consistency with workout times, don’t delay it”

Shannon B. 


Lost 11.7lb! 


”Gage Strength Training, lots of walking, and tracking what I eat!”

What “Tricks” of tips do you have for people?:

“Eating less isn’t always what’s best + Drinking enough water helps! “

Julia B-S.



Lost 12lb! 


3x/weekly Gage Strength Training virtual workouts, lots of walking and started mixing in Pilates! 

What “tricks” or tips do you have for people?:

“Found that I was pushing my body too hard with 5-6 days a week of strength training at Gage. The shutdown and lack of access to heavy weights made me rely on more body weight exercises and things that

were more gently on my body. I’ve gotten the results I wanted (leaner look, lighter weight), while still sta

ying toned and strong by keeping 3-4 virtual Gage workouts each week. “

….Losing weight, and making progress towards your goals doesn’t have to take a backseat even during times like these. 

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