Immune Boosting Workouts

Are you looking for a workout program that boosts your immune system, so that you’re doing everything you can to be safe from COVID 19? 

We’ve all heard that exercise boosts our immune system… But how does it do that?? And what is the best way to workout to get a strong immune system?

How Exercise Boosts Your Immune System

“If you look at the evidence, people who exercise more in general get fewer infections and also have lower incidence of cardiovascular disease,” says John Campbell, Ph.D., professor at the University of Bath in England, who studies exercise and immune system function

It all starts with breaking a sweat. Right when you start exercising, your body ramps up circulation and initiates the stress response in the body which produces Cortisol and Epinephrine… Then the magic happens according to Dr. Jeffrey Woods

“Both actions activate immunosurveillance, mobilizing immune cells into blood, lymph, and tissues to increase the probability that they come into contact with pathogens. This search-and-destroy mission to hunt down damaging agents is part of the body’s innate immunity.” 

Your workout starts pushing these immune cells throughout the body to fight off any invading viruses of germs… pretty cool! 

So, what type of workout is the best for boosting your immune system?

There’s actually been a ton of research into the question of what type of exercise regimen is best for boosting your immune system, and the big question is this. 

Cardio Vs. High Intensity workout? 

One study

concluded that both Cardiovascular workouts like running on the treadmill at LA Fitness, AND high intensity workouts (like the ones here at Gage Strength Training) both produce very similar immune response in the body! 

In fact, in the study, exercisers who were split into two groups of differing intensities had similar immunity improvements: The moderate-intensity group pedaled steadily for five workouts a week, and the HIIT group did high intensity intervals of 15-60s at a time. 

Another study showed that strength training was also highly effective for boosting our immune cell response! 

Everytime you pump blood in and out of our muscles, you’re sending those cells throughout the body to detect foreign bodies. So, weightlifting can be incredibly effective as well! 

In answering the question of “What’s the best workout to boost your immune system”, the key is to find the workout plan that you enjoy! 

Just like anything else, consistency is key! The perfect workout means nothing if you don’t stick to it. 

That’s why our approach at Gage Strength Training is in making workouts that our members actually enjoy and stick to for years… This is the best way to boost your immune system, lose weight, and stay healthy!