One Word Can Change Your Life

One Word Can Change Your Life 

We are just about a week away from New Years Day and all of the obligatory resolutions that come with it. I’ll be honest with you, I suck at sticking to my New Year’s resolutions. But year in and year out I made one, because that’s what you do. 

This year was different. This year I didn’t make a resolution. 

Towards the end of 2018 someone recommended the book, One Word Will Change Your Life to me. The premise of the book is that instead of focusing on a goal/resolution or multiple goals/resolutions, you focus on just one word for the year. 

My word for 2019 was GROWTH. I chose growth because if I grew as a person I would in turn become a better coach, leader, husband, son, mentor, friend, and student. The idea behind the “one word” concept is like a snowball rolling down a mountain. As a snowball rolls downhill it grows and it gains momentum, picking up more and more snow along the way, eventually becoming a massively strong avalanche overcoming every obstacle in its way. 

Any decision I had to make in 2019, I ran it through the “Growth Filter.” If I say “yes/no” to this, how does it affect my growth? For the first time in my life I felt comfortable saying no (I have the worst FOMO in the world), and on the flip side I said yes to things I would have never done. 

As a result of sticking to my one word, I grew immensely:

  • I read 21 books on topics ranging from leadership and management to astrophysics 

  • I listened to an additional 10 books on Audible

  • I exercised 341 times or 93.6% of the days in 2019 (my goal was 90%)

  • I completed 122 hours of continuing education on topics like sales, management, nutrition, exercise prescription, and personal development

  • I prioritized communication with close friends

  • I unplugged from my cell phone while spending time with my wife 

  • I performed routine car maintenance and household projects myself 

  • I cut the cord and cancelled cable (that means no ESPN which for me was a big deal)

  • My wife and I paid off all our student loan debt 

  • I bought a car cash 

  • I went on a 10 day camping trip in Grizzly Bear country 

I was able to complete all of these things without setting goals or making any resolutions whatsoever. I’m not sharing this with you to brag. I’m sharing all of this with you to show you how powerful this simple concept can be if you apply it. 

My word for 2019 is: Self-Care

This year I want to take care of my mind, body, spirit, and soul. I plan on doing this by meditating, practicing yoga/joint mobility, using a gratitude journal, spending less time on social media and digital devices, and saying “no” more. Individually, all of these actions would be very overwhelming. But when you chuck it down to one word or phrase, it all becomes much more manageable. 

What is your word going to be in 2020? 

Some examples: 

  • Husband 

  • Wife 

  • Mom 

  • Dad 

  • Health 

  • Movement 

  • Sleep 

  • Minimalism 

  • Debt

  • Invest 

  • Travel  

  • Unplug 

  • Grow 

Feel free to share your word with me! I’d be more than happy to help you create a series of action steps to make this year your best year ever.