Over 50? This is how you should workout!

Workouts after 50 to lose weight, and feel great! 

First of all let’s tackle the proverbial “elephant in the room”…50 is young! 

This isn’t your mom and dad’s generation, or your grandparents generation when 50 meant your active days were behind you. 

I have to say this because according to a google search for “Exercise in your 50s” “Over 50 workouts”, you’re going to find countless websites and blogs that go on to describe “activity hour” at the senior center and you might think the only thing you should do for exercise is a stroll down Gay St. in West Chester, PA. 

But these recommendations for workouts over 50 couldn’t be more wrong. (Although, we do love nice walks around West Chester) 

Workouts as you age is all about becoming “Antifragile”.

What does “Anti-fragile” mean? It means to become resilient to injury, functional and to not let your body hold you back from anything that you want to do. 

Before we get to the training tips, here’s the hard truth: 

  •   Yes, we begin to lose muscle mass at a rate of ~1% a year beginning at 30. 

  • Yes, our metabolic rate slows at roughly the same rate (10% per decade). 

  • Yes, our bone loss does begin to outpace bone growth around age 50. 

  • No, you can’t gain weight by just looking at an ice cream cone. 

… It is fair to say the cards are not stacked in our favors as we age, but that’s why we train! 

Should you exercise as you age? The answer is unequivocally


Should you train age appropriately as you age?

100% YES. 

Here are the key areas you should be focusing on if you’re over 50 and looking to get into shape: 

  1. Muscle Mass:

    Increasing lean muscle mass as we age will help maintain a higher metabolic rate. 

  2. Grip Strength:

    There is a direct correlation between grip strength and longevity 

  3. Lower Body Strength:

    Lower body strength has been shown to be a prime indicator of future health  

  4. Core stability:

    Don’t think just 6 pack abs. True core stability is the ability to transfer power from your lower body to upper body (vice versa), and ability to spare your spine from excessive loads. 

  5. Power:

    your ability to move weights explosively. Think Kettlebell swings, Medicine Ball, Slams, Sled Sprints. 

So, what should you do now? 

Here is the BEST workout program you can follow in order to improve your health, and feel 10 years younger. 

  • Push: Push Ups, overhead presses, medicine ball throws, floor presses, bench presses. 

  • Pull: Rows, lat pulldowns, chin ups, pull ups

  • Hinge: Swings, RDL’s, leg curls, deadlifts

  • Squat: Squats, lunges, step ups, split squats

  • Carry: Goblet, farmers, suitcase, waiter, etc. 

  • Get Up and down off the floor: Turkish get ups, bear crawls, plank variations, etc. 

How to structure your weekly exercise: 

-Aim for 3 strength training days ~45-60minutes (using a combination of the movements above)

-2-3 “Movement Days”: On these days you want to spend at least 20minutes doing some form of physical activity. Walking, Hiking, Stretching/Mobility, Cycling, conditioning workout,etc. 

-1 True Off Day. Pro tip, use this extra time to meal prep all your lunches and snacks for the week . 

You may never be as strong/jacked as you were in your 20’s or as lean as you were on your wedding day. But you CAN be strong, healthy, flexible, and capable. 

If you’re 50, looking to improve your quality of life, increase your quantity of life, and look amazing doing it ask us about or Small Group Training Program. 

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