Punch The Clock

Punch The Clock 

We’ve all made excuses to miss a workout from time to time: 

-too busy 

-too tired 

-too stressed 

-too sore

Whatever it may be, we justify missing a workout due to the fact that we can’t give it 100%. If we typically workout for 60 minutes, the idea of a 20-30 minutes may seem like a waste of time. I’m here to tell you that sometimes just coasting through a workout, or simply dedicating 20-30 minutes to movement is exactly what you need. I call these “punch the clock” workouts. 

Punch the clock workouts can take on any format, intensity, or duration. But the approach remains the same: get the work done, and move on with you life. These aren’t the days I’m hellbent on setting a personal record, or even worried about how hard im pushing myself. The purpose of these workouts are to keep you in your consistent routine and prevent the dreaded “backslide.” 

When we allow our excuses to get in the way of our healthy routine, it’s easy to fall back into our old habits. For some, this backslide can take months to recover from. However, by utilizing the punch the clock method, we can easily stay on track.

Here are some examples of my go-to punch the clock workouts: 

-20 minutes of Sara Beth Yoga: From the comfort of your own home you can get a quality movement and recovery session completed in less than 30 minutes. My preference is the youtube channel SaraBeth Yoga. Her channel has hundreds of free yoga workouts from all ability levels. Subscribe to alerts so you receive the most up to date workouts. These sessions are perfect for days you feel like you’re really dragging or just seem a little too beat up to train. 

-15 minutes of randomness: I’ll set a timer on my phone and just move. Sometimes these workouts will be body weight only, and sometimes I’ll use some basic tools that I have in my home gym (Sandbag, KB’s, TRX, and bands). Movements include squats, lunges, swings, push ups, rows, deadlifts, carries, bear crawls, and basic full body mobility. Move, sweat, and punch the clock.

– 100 Rep Super Set: Another time crunch go-o for me is a 100 rep superset workout. I’ll select two non-competing exercises and perform 10 sets of 10 reps of each movement in as little time as possible. Typically, I’ll choose one upper body exercise, and one lower body exercise. Squats/push ups, lunges/rows, deadlifts/OH press, etc.

-Classic Punch The Clock: Whether you’re coming to a large group session at GST or a small group session, the goal is to just live to see another day. The hardest part of your workout is going to be just getting through the door. But once your here, just stick to the plan. There’s nothing wrong with just going through the motions sometimes. If you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep, feel a bit under the weather, or just don’t have “it” today, be open and honest with your coach and we’ll make sure you feel better walking out than you did walking in. 

I could keep the list going, but I hope this at least gave you some food for thought. Exercise is arguably the next best thing to sleep that you can do for your body. Don’t let your schedule dictate your health, and know that not every workout has to knock you on your butt. So next time you start making excuses, put your hard hat on and punch the clock! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!