Recover From “First Workout Soreness”!

3 Tips To Recover From “First Workout Soreness” FAST 

You Did it! Your first workout is done!

You made it through your first workout, and you’re feeling proud, your endorphins are rushing and well, you’re probably a little sore!

Follow these 3 tips in the next 24 Hours to get rid of post workout soreness FAST, so that you can get back in the gym ASAP and working towards your goals!

Tip #1: Get Back To Gage!

That burning feeling you have in your muscles? That’s called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and it’s caused by Lactic Acid that builds up to repair the muscle fibers you just worked in the gym to make them stronger, and leaner.

The best way to reduce that Lactic Acid buildup is to get your body moving! When you get yourself moving, it flushes the lactic acid out which gets rid of the soreness and makes you feel WAY better!

I know you’re sore… But getting back into Gage is the FASTEST way to stop being sore! Schedule that next class now!

Tip #2: Protein!

When we workout with weights, we tear the tiny muscle fibers in our bodies and then our bodies send nutrients which work to rebuild them even stronger.

Protein is the “Repair-man” of those muscle fibers, and without getting enough protein in your diet, or getting it fast enough you won’t be able to repair those muscles and you’ll remain feeling sore!

Need a fast hit of Protein after your workout? You can buy some protein from us at Gage and pick up at the gym on your next visit!

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Tip #3: Sleep!

If protein is the “repair-man”, then SLEEP is the hours in which they work.

Our bodies do ALL of our recovering while we sleep, which means that if we’re not getting really good quality sleep then the repair-man won’t be able to show up and fix your muscles, and get rid of that soreness. Your goal should be 7-9 hours of restful sleep per night!

Here’s the Gage 5-Step Simple Sleep Formula:

  1. Set bedroom temp to 64-66 degrees

  2. Black out bedroom (make it as dark as possible)

  3. Reduce “screen time” on phones, computers or TV an hour before bed

  4. Try and get to bed at the same time every night

  5. Avoid Caffeine or Alcoholic beverages within 4 hours of bedtime.

…If you struggle with sleep, we sell a Sleep Enhancement Supplement which can help you get a deeper and more restful sleep which you can purchase

right here.

That’s it. If you follow those 3 simple tips in the next 24 hours, you’ll feel your body bounce back and be ready to hit it hard in the gym again!