The ONLY Shoes Your Athlete Should Workout In

Most Athletes show up to training wearing the wrong shoes…and that’s a big problem!

When athletes perform strength exercises and speed and agility drills, the connection they have to the ground (their shoe) is the absolute most important piece of equipment they can have on.

The typical shoe that an athlete wears in the gym has soft fabric, is super-comfortable, and has nice thick soles that they can stand in all day and feel comfortable.

These are all indications of a BAD training shoe.

Picture this: Imagine you walk into your athlete standing on their mattress with a barbell on their back doing squats.

Their knees are shaking and ankles are clinging to any amount of stability they can find.

You’d easily recognize this is a VERY dangerous activity. The mattress is so soft, it’s hard to balance on, and it doesn’t have a solid surface at all.

To a smaller extent, this is what’s happening when your athletes are training in the wrong shoes.

Think of the sole of your shoes like the mattress – a soft pad to absorb the weight exerted on them.

The problem is that a sole like that provides little stability. It’s just like a small mattress that makes it hard to balance and rolls over easily.

Not only does this put your athletes at risk for rolled/sprained/broken ankles, it makes them weaker! When the soft sole of a shoe absorbs all of the force they are generating, it doesn’t allow the strongest lifts.

Here’s the 3 Top Training shoes that we recommend for our athletes: 

  1. Nike Metcons
  2. NOBULL Training Shoes
  3. Reebok Nano

Any of these shoes will provide sturdy heel support, a flat/solid sole, and more support than traditional running shoes.