The Perfect Weight Loss Breakfast…Faster Than A Cup Of Coffee!

The Perfect Weight Loss Meal in Less Time Than Making Coffee

A lot of our personal training clients struggle with finding time in the morning to make breakfast, but NONE of them ever say they don’t have time for their morning cup of coffee. 

Everyone knows that having a healthy breakfast can set you up for success, give you momentum for the rest of your day, and improve your weight loss results. 

Today, we’re going to show you the perfect weight loss breakfast that you can make while your coffeee brews and you’re rushing out the door that is the perfect mix of: 

  • Proteins to rebuild muscle, and curb your appetite

  • Healthy Fats to boost your energy and regulate hormones

  • Carbs to give you a boost in energy! 

…It’s so simple, there’s almost no excuse not to have this for breakfast everyday. 

Grab a protein shake

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, apple, and an ounce of nuts. 

If you need to make it easier than that, you can buy pre-portioned bags of nuts and protein shakes at most grocery stores. Don’t want to drink coffee and a protein shake? Make ice coffee, then add the protein powder to the coffee. If it’s vanilla or chocolate protein powder, it still works.

No apples? Peaches, oranges, berries, bananas, and grapes all work! 

This is a great fat burning combination of high quality protein, fiber from the fruit, and some healthy fats from the nuts.

The Protein: 

Protein helps you kick start the recovery process from your previous workout. 

The Fruit: 

The fruit gives you a boost of energy from the carbs, and the fiber swells in your stomach giving you the feeling of being full. 

The Fats: 

The fat from the nuts help slow down digestion, keeping you feeling full longer. 

This meal will be roughly 350 calories,

which is a great size to kick-start your day to succeed in weight loss! 

If you’re allergic to nuts and seeds, you can have an ounce of cheese, some avocado, or add some MCT or Flaxseed oil to your protein shake. 

Don’t need help with breakfast? Guess what, this also works well as an afternoon snack with the 3 o’clock coffee break is needed. 

Want more weight loss recipes like this one? Join our gym in West Chester, PA for the best fat loss, muscle building recipes and workouts in Chester County. E-mail [email protected] to learn more! 

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