This 3 ingredient Breakfast KILLS Hunger

The Perfect Weight Loss Breakfast Doesn’t Exi…

3 ingredients, about 30 seconds to make and only 300 calories. 

This is the perfect breakfast for KILLING hunger, shedding inches off of your body and losing weight! 

A lot of our clients struggle with finding fast and effective breakfast foods the help them curb hunger, hit their protein goals and align with their goals… 

If you want to know the fastest and most effective breakfast for a weight loss diet, here it is. 

Protein Yogurt: 

 – 1 Cup PLAIN Greek yogurt (100 Calories) 

– 1 Scoop Axe and Sledge Protein Powder Vanilla (100 calories) 

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 1/2-1 cup blueberries (31-62 calories) 

…Mix up, and you’ll notice the protein mixes with the yogurt to create a smooth and creamy texture, add blueberries and there you have it! 

A meal that will fill you up until Lunch, give you 30g/protein and under 300 calories! 

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