What Are The Best Gyms in West Chester, PA?

Read this to choose the best gym for you in West Chester! 

You might wonder why you’re seeing Gage Strength Training (A gym here in West Chester) talk about the best gyms in town, and not mention ourselves on that list… 

Since we are a personal training facility, and not a “regular gym” and very specifically focus on helping client lose weight, some people are just looking for a place that they can go to workout themselves and not work with a trainer. 

In fact, we get calls everyday from people looking for a gym that they can do their own thing at, so we thought it would be important to “Give the people what they want”.  

From one Fitness Center to another, here’s what we think are the best gyms to workout at in West Chester, PA. 

ACAC Fitness 

Considered West Chester’s Premier Gym, one quick tour of this facility is clear to see why they can make that claim. 

If you’re looking for a luxury gym experience here in West Chester, look no further than ACAC. You’ll have access to group fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates and Barre,  high-end equipment that’s well maintained and an aquatics facility that is unlike any other that we’ve seen! (They’ve got a water park for crying out loud!) 

To top off the amazing facility, there’s a full service spa for you to get pampered at as well! While this isn’t included in your membership, it’s nice to know that if you wanted a facial after an hour on the elliptical it’s only a few steps away! 

You’ll pay a little more for your membership than some other options in town, but if you’re looking to be in a luxurious environment, this is the gym for you. 

Click here to visit their site

LA Fitness in West Chester

True, LA Fitness is a sizable chain. However, in the case of the West Chester – Paoli Pike location, LA Fitness can hold its own in the realm of Best Gyms in West Chester. 

 This gym is relatively new, which means new equipment all around and you’ll have access to their spa, sauna, sport courts and even get to enjoy their juice bar on location! 

With the amount of equipment, and variety of services you won’t run out of options for ways to workout at LA Fitness.

This is a great gym if you’re looking for a low-cost gym in west Chester.

West Chester Area YMCA 

The YMCA is a fan favorite for those West Chester locals because of their support for the local community and some of their amazing youth organizations. 

Especially if you’re looking for a family membership, this is a great option. You’ll have access to child care, youth activities and a safe and positive environment to bring your family while you all work on improving your health. 

If you don’t have kids, you’ll still be able to enjoy their full schedule of group fitness classes, sauna, swimming pool and amazing facility! 

The West Chester Area YMCA is fully loaded with activities, membership options and equipment so that you have everything you need all under one roof for anyone in the family! 

Mitch’s Market Street Gym 

“Making members stronger for over 20 years” is the tagline for this locally owned and operated facility. 

At Mitch’s you can get access to group fitness classes, personal training and a community that you can feel comfortable being a part of. This is West Chester’s “hometown” gym, and the small feel and culture is one you don’t see in many larger gyms anymore. 

At Mitch’s you can even get a more customized training experience with their EzFit custom programming… this is perfect if you’re looking for a  little more guidance, but don’t want to work directly with a personal trainer. 

Ignite Performance Training Center

One of the only 24hr gyms in town, and actually neighbors of ours here at Gage Strength Training!

if you’re looking for a more “hardcore” feel, and access to the gym 24 hours a day, then Ignite is where you want to go. 

Compared to the other gyms listed, this gym isn’t about luxury it’s about RESULTS and hard work. 

At Ignite, you’ll have access to tires, sledge hammers, and turf to do your athletic training as well as a fully loaded gym to get your strength training and cardio! 

Ignite has some amazing personal trainers, including Brian Chamberlain who is also the owner and IFBB professional bodybuilder. If you’re looking to get into Bodybuilding, this is the gym for you!  

…These are the gyms we believe are the best in town if you’re looking for a gym to train at. 

With all this being said,  Gage Strength Training specializes in helping people over 40 lose weight faster than ever before. Does that sound like you?

 If so, we’d love to hear from you to see if you’re a good fit for our 

Rapid Results weight loss plan! 

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