What’s better for weight loss? Cardio or HIIT?

What Is Better For Weight Loss? Cardio or HIIT?

Want to burn more body body fat in less time?

Of course, who wouldn’t want to get results faster. 

So, what’s the trick?

Is it a diet?

Is it some new exercise you need to do outside of the gym?

Is it a new fat burner?

It’s none of the above.

It’s actually doing LESS than what most of you are doing now. Now, I expect you, the reader, to be reading this with your eyebrow raised. Let me explain.

A study published in the Journal of Obesity took two groups of unfit people. One group did steady state cardio for an hour 7 days a week(jogging/running on a treadmill), the other group did high intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE. The type of training we do at Gage Strength Training) for 20 minutes, 5 days per week. Both groups were advised not to change their diet. 

So, one group worked out doing cardio for 7 hours a week, and the other group only did a total of 1 hour in the entire week of High Intensity Intermittent Exercise. 

So which one got better results? 

…The fact that we’re even writing this article should give you the answer. 

High Intensity Exercise got better results than the cardio group for weight loss! 

While both groups lost body fat, the HIIE group lost more body fat, visceral fat (the bad fat around the organs), and gained muscle. The steady state cardio group did not gain any muscle. 

Now, by the end of the study (15 weeks), the steady state group lost 4 lbs of body fat, but the HIIE group did it faster. 

One reason we decided to expose the results of this study is because one of the most commonly asked questions is “I need to do more cardio” 

Well, if your goal is simply to lose weight and improve your health- cardio is a much slower and less effective method of exercise. 

If your goal is to get better at running or cycling, then cardio IS the best form of exercise for you. 

Next, you may be thinking “Well, what were the workouts that the High Intensity group was doing?” 

They followed a 20 minute routine which consisted of 8 seconds of HARD work (sprinting), and 20 seconds of rest. 

That doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re doing HARD sprints you’d be amazed at the challenge. 

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