Why Does My Husband Lose Weight Faster Than Me?

“Why Does My Husband Lose Weight Faster Than Me?”

“Why is weight loss easier for my husband?”

The fact is that being at a healthy weight and body fat % is essential to optimal health, and reducing your risk for heart disease and diseases like Type 2 Diabetes… The other truth is that men typically have an easier time losing weight than women, at least in the short term. 

The answer to “why does my husband lose weight fast than I do”? Well there are a lot of different reasons, and at the end of the day every body will have a different response to a change in diet and exercise and if you are serious about losing weight then you should work with a professional personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

Here are a few reasons your husband may lose weight faster than you: 


Weight loss is correlated with total body weight.

So generally, you lose a percentage of your body weight each week. So, if you lose 1% of your weight, a 175lbs woman will lose 1.75lbs versus a 250lbs man will lose 2.5lbs. After a month that’s 7lbs and 10lbs. 


. Women generally diet more often.

It’s been studied that the more you diet, the less effective diets are for weight loss. A lot of women will diet 365 days a year, while men might diet for a few months. The human body isn’t designed to be dieting all year long. 


Higher estrogen levels in women makes their bodies hold onto body fat

easier and 

Higher testosterone levels in men makes it easier for them to burn body fat and build muscle faster. 


Men tend to have more muscle mass,

which does help them burn more calories everyday.


Men are more likely to lift heavier.

A common fear that we hear often for women is “bulking up” with weight training, so they stick to lighter weights. This will limit any adaptations the body is going to make, leading to less calories burned during and after workouts. (easy fix: weight training won’t bulk you up. Lift heavier)


Men generally store more water, sodium, and glycogen (carbs) in their bodies.

When altering their diets, the depletion of these three things can cause rapid weight loss for a month or two. But that weight loss is only water weight, not body fat. 

Yes, men do lose weight faster than women initially. But after a few months, things start to slow down and they will lose about the same percent each week/month as a woman.

Weight loss is an individual journey, don’t try to compare your journey to someone else’s. There will be a million people who lose weight faster and easier than you and a million people who have a harder time. 

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