You are Not the Weight on the Scale

You are not the weight on the scale.

You are not the car you drive. 

You are not the size of your clothes.

You are not the amount of money in your bank account. 

You are not your bad back. 

You are not your age. 

You are not your job. 

You are not the number of push-ups you can do. 

And for my Fight Club fans, you are not your f*#king khakis. 

Your worth is NOT defined by the weight on the scale, the money in the bank, or the size of your jeans. 

Unfortunately, all too often we define ourselves by these things. We are told from a young age that these are the important things in life. 

We are constantly judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to others because we have allowed ourselves to be “defined” by external factors. 

This view of ourselves begins to seep into every part of our lives. We allow the weight on the scale to reflect on our ability to be a good mother/father, a good spouse, a good boss, a good friend. 

We allow the scale to dictate our level of happiness and self worth. 

You are not your weight. 

Your bodyweight is not a reflection of who you are as a person, your strength, your courage, your kindness, your beauty, or your charisma. 

Your bodyweight isn’t even a good indication of your overall health and fitness! Why, then, should we allow it to define our self worth. 

If you exercise because you are dissatisfied with how you look, I promise you no progress will ever be enough. It’s time to shift our mindset and stop allowing our negative thoughts define us. 

Instead, focus on eating for good health, exercising for strength and vitality, and sleeping to restore and recover.

How you view and treat your body has a direct correlation to your overall health and wellness. If you make genuine health your top priority, results will follow. 

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