We Help People Over 40 Lose Weight With Pain Free Workouts

…so that you can see results faster than ever have before. Guaranteed.

No Extreme Workouts

Say goodbye to burpees, sprints, running and jumping workouts.  Pain free workouts is what makes our program unique!  

Feel great – not pain, after every workout with us.

Personalized Training To Live Your Best Life

At Gage Strength

We take a comprehensive approach when it comes to our clients overall health. We offer low impact workouts & safe nutrition plans that gives you the ability to eat your favorite foods and get amazing results.

Ready to take the first step? Schedule your trial workout with our expert training team to ensure we’re a perfect match for your goals.

People That We Helped

We love seeing the extraordinary before and afters of our clients! 

A Few Of Our Most Successful Clients

Most of them didn’t like going to the gym, or even exercise.. before coming to our community.

Our Process

We create personalized workout plans specifically designed to meet your goals!

1. We meet individually with every member and discuss their goals and any individual needs they have.

2. We write a customized program for every member, so they can workout pain-free and not be thrown into a workout they’re not ready for.

3. You workout with us risk-free (No contracts or long term commitments) to transform your body and improve your health.

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