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We help people over 40 lose weight, and transform their health with pain free workouts!

On this page, you can meet the expert coaches and customer success team to help you look and feel your best training at Gage Strength!

Meet Our Member Success Team

We searched high and low for the best trainers that would be dedicated to providing our clients with the same passion we have! 

Mary Brown

General Manager


Community Manager

Award Winning Training Team


Fitness Coach

Jenn Smith

Fitness Coach

Erin MacNamee

Fitness Coach

Andy Hubert

Fitness Coach

Tyler Minney

Fitness Coach

A Few Of Our Most Successful Clients

Most of them didn’t like going to the gym, or even exercise.. before coming to our community.

...After 11 years changing lives in the Chester County area, now, Kadynce is 12 years old and has grown up watching these inspiring Men and Women change their health, and transform their bodies and serve as role models for her and so many others...

Will you be the next success story to walk through our doors, and transform your health?