How to Kill Hunger [to make weight loss easy!]

If you want to lose weight, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be feeling hungry throughout the process, and that hunger can feel uncomfortable at times.  The good news is that hunger doesn’t mean you are starved of nutritional resources.  Hunger is a biological process that’s triggered by a release of hormones […]

Recover From “First Workout Soreness”!!

3 Tips To Recover From “First Workout Soreness” FAST  You Did it! Your first workout is done! You made it through your first workout, and you’re feeling proud, your endorphins are rushing and well, you’re probably a little sore! Follow these 3 tips in the next 24 Hours to get rid of post workout soreness […]

The ONLY Shoes Your Athlete Should Workout In

Most Athletes show up to training wearing the wrong shoes…and that’s a big problem! When athletes perform strength exercises and speed and agility drills, the connection they have to the ground (their shoe) is the absolute most important piece of equipment they can have on. The typical shoe that an athlete wears in the gym […]

Client Spotlight!

“At 39 years old and a Mom of 2…I am healthier NOW than I was in my 20s.” Jade has been training incredibly hard with us at Gage, and her results have showed that. She’s lost weight, and even her “skinny” clothes are feeling loose on her! Jade is an inspiration to so many moms […]

10 Habits of Highly Fit People

Do you want to look better, feel better, move better, and live better? Do your daily habits or routines align with those goals? Are you constantly putting yourself in situations to succeed?  Or  Are you just going through the motions, doing the same old habits that you’ve always done hoping one day you’ll just wake […]

5 Surprising Superfoods to Accelerate Your Results TODAY!

There are 5 foods I recommend that every client adds (or increases) in their diet. They are:  Mushrooms  Berries  Grass Fed/Organic/Wild Protein  Fermented Foods  Something Green By simply reducing the variety of foods you consume, you take a lot of the guesswork out of nutrition. And we all know that no matter what your goal […]

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

A good night of sleep is arguably THE MOST underrated way to improve your overall health. Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose weight, or just feel better and live better, quality sleep is well advised.  One night of poor sleep can significantly decrease the likelihood of getting a workout in the next day […]

Do you want to lose weight? This is the FIRST THING you need to do!

Nutrition is a huge part of the program that we offer here at Gage Strength Training. The fact is that you can workout as hard as you want, but if you aren’t making changes to your diet, you’ll never see the results that you want. It’s true what they say – if you want to […]

What Are BCAAs? Do you need them?

What the heck are BCAAs? We get asked this question often, and more importantly, when we don’t get asked, we know a lot more people are wondering about this supplement that we provide for our clients inside our Recover Store.  BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. Amino Acids are a chemical inside the body […]

4 Disciplines that Will Change Your Life

Adapted from the book Four Disciplines of Execution  Weekly Chat with Devin 7/14 Video and Notes: Set A Goal – an exciting and wildly important goal! Think of the exciting outcomes you want to achieve (going upstairs without feeling out of breathe). What is your health holding you back from?  SMART: Needs to be very […]