Training Questions…ANSWERED!

I’ve been asked some interesting questions over the last couple of weeks and I thought they were worth a post for the broader audience. 

Q: Are the cheaper protein powders that I see in the grocery store as good as what Gage sells?

Bottom line: I wouldn’t waste your money on cheap protein powder. Axe and Sledge (the brand we carry) is tried and tested; our trainers use their range of products on a daily basis.

The quality of your nutrition is more important than how much. Cheaper products generally contain ingredients that have longer potency as well. Skip the label hype and take a look at the label – skip the ‘proprietary’ blends.

Speak to your coach about grabbing some samples at our nutrition corner if you haven’t tried Axe and Sledge!

Q: When I scroll through instagram, I’m seeing a lot of ‘fitness professionals’ doing a lot more sets and complicated exercises than you recommend. Why?

Bottom line: More isn’t always better. You don’t NEED to do 5-10 sets of an exercise to see an impact on muscle growth.

A lot of these professionals do this for their full time job. They can use their day to get massages, rest their body, etc. Most of us have to get up and go to work, shop for food, and play with our kids. We can’t afford to be crippled from pounding a body part the way some people do.

Our programming keeps you in mind – the person who may need to juggle a job, a family, errands (and the list continues).

If you haven’t tried our individualized small group programming yet, what are you waiting for?

Q: I feel like the weights I’ve been using have stayed the same. What am I doing wrong?

Bottom line: Numbers don’t tell the whole picture.

It’s important to look at how your form has progressed over time; are you controlling your weight better and getting deeper in that squat, for example? Are you now able to do continuous reps, rather than stopping for a breath mid set? Or has your grip strength improved for deadlifts so that you don’t have to use straps any more?

There are a lot of considerations here that aren’t as clear cut as numbers.

Our coaches are here to ensure that you’re progressing in your workout but talk to your coach if you have any hesitations! 

–Coach Juhi

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