Adele’s Weight Loss!

The Surprising Secret To Adele’s Weight loss! 

If you’re like the rest of us quarantined here in West Chester, PA then you’ve probably heard the news that Adele has last a TON of weight, and today I’m going to tell you the surprising secret to achieving a goal like this. 

If you’re only looking for workouts to lose weight, or the popular diet plan Adele followed to lose weight then you can stop reading because that’s not the real reason she lost the weight… 

In our gym, we specialize in weight loss, weight management and healthy eating, but what most people don’t realize is that the most important thing when it comes to losing weight is to have the courage to change your eating habits. 

The most impressive thing, in my opinion, about this amazing transformation is that Adele was able to shatter the identity that she built her entire career around- Being a “bigger girl” singer, which drew a ton of love and appreciation from the self-love crowd because she had been open about loving her body and embracing her figure so much in the past.

The big problem is that since losing the weight, Adele has caught a ton of negative publicity and shame from those in the “body positive” crowd. 

It’s a problem because I see it in clients every single day as a personal trainer. 

You want to lose weight, but you struggle to break free of who you think others see you as, and you feel pressure to behave in the way that you think others want to see you as. 

You’ve always been the one that’s up for happy hour drinks, nachos and make jokes about your weight with friends and family-

Now, you want to lose weight (or need to, for health reasons) and everyone asks why you’ve “Changed” or “one drink won’t kill you” or makes jokes that “All you do anymore is talk about the gym”

I have seen clients join our personal training program at Gage excited about future possibilities in changing their health and their body, and have this look of optimism only get shot completely to the ground when a friend or family members makes a one of these comments.

We are quick to resign to the idea that; “Who am I to do this? That’s not who I am.” 

That social pressure and social shaming is enough to deter anybody from pursuing healthier goals, and THAT is what I admire most about transformations that you see by the likes of Adele, and Jonah Hill.

They face people that tear them down, criticize them, and shame them for trying to get healthier but still pursue it because they have the courage to WANT something better for their health letting others’ opinions deter them.

I admire Adele’s strength in changing her body- But even more so for pursuing something that changed the way the world saw her forever.

So, here are my top 3 tips on getting results like Adele: 

1. Unapologetically commit to a goal, and have the courage to speak it openly and ask others to be understanding. 

2. Have the courage to create boundaries from toxic friends and family that take small jabs at your pursuit, and not allow them to have any say in your goals. 

3. Remind yourself that your weight doesn’t define your success or happiness, and realize that a healthier body doesn’t look like any one weight or image. 

BTW. Apparently she lost the weight from working out 3 times a week with a blend of circuit training- Just like the personal training plan we offer at Gage Strength Training. 

3 times a week of training, and the courage to make a change in the face of adversity- That’s what it takes.