How to Lose Your Vacation Weight

We’re in peak vacation season folks, and with vacations usually comes bloating and weight gain… I’m here to tell you how you can rebound from vacation weight gain faster than ever.

First- here’s what happened.  

The GST Team took a long weekend up in Martha’s Vineyard and ate junk food, tons of carbs and drank plenty of adult beverages and when I came back to work, I was up 15 lbs on the scale! 

15 lbs of weight GAINED in only 4 days… 

Maybe your weight gain isn’t as dramatic as 15 lbs, but we’ve all returned home from a weekend trip after eating and drinking a bit too much and felt more bloated and packed on a few pounds. 

Did you just throw all of your hard work, diet and training out the window? NO! 

The truth is, that almost all of that weight gain is only water weight and NOT body-fat. 

Let me repeat.

You did not gain a significant amount of body fat while on vacation. 

Changes in diet, routine, travel, alcohol consumption, and sleep all change water retention in your body, and cause that bloating and weight gain that we all come to expect…. 

Lucky for you, I’ve broken down exactly how I dropped 15 lbs in 3 days without diets, crazy exercise routines or sweating it out in a sauna. 

Step 1: Don’t freak out. 

Vacation water weight gain has no impact on your overall goals and progress. The first thing you need to remind yourself is that it’s only water, and you didn’t just ruin all of your progress! 

Reminding yourself of this will help you stay positive, and get right back on track… What we say at Gage Strength Training is that “You’re only one decision away from being right back on track” 

Step 2: Keep it LIGHT. 

Avoid trying to lose all that weight in one workout… Some people feel so badly about themselves, and are frustrated with themselves that they try to “punish the weight off” with a 2 hour workout, time in a sauna and starving themselves. 

Let me be clear-

This is the worst thing that you can do.