Think Like A Fit Person

Thinking like a “Fit Person”

When it comes to results that stand the test of time, there is always one common denominator: Lifestyle change. 

Roughly 90-95% of people who successfully lose weight will regain just about all of it back in 1-3 years.That is a pretty disappointing statistic. 

So, what’s different about the 5-10% of people who succeed in keeping the weight off for the long haul? 

They’ve adopted a new identity. They eat differently, they sleep differently, they think differently, they manage stress differently, they view fitness differently, and they prioritize different aspects of their lives.

They’ve adopted the identity of a “Fit Person.”

Like anything worth having, these individuals will tell you these changes did not come easily. 

Arguably, the mental work you put in outside the gym is harder than the physical work you put in at the gym. But, just like with training, it gets better with practice.

Here’s where the 90-95% go wrong: At the end of the day, they haven’t changed their lifestyle habits. When the going gets tough, when we get tired, frustrated, or bored, we revert back to what we know. We revert back to what’s comfortable. 

The number on the scale is easy to change. All we have to do is really buckle down for a few weeks and we’ll start to see some results. But you can’t “buckle down” forever. You can’t constantly diet, and you can’t constantly train for weight loss. Millions of people try every year, and millions of people fail every year. 

How do we get change that sticks? 

Start acting like a “fit person,” or whatever type of person your goals align with. 

You gotta walk the walk! Or at least, you gotta try. You may stumble a few times, but mistakes are learning experiences. Fake it ‘til you make it! 

Habits of “fit” people: 

  • Don’t diet. Eat real, whole foods consistently. Count colors, not calories. 

  • Don’t “exercise.” Train. Exercising is a chore, training is an opportunity to better yourself. 

  • Be active outside the gym. 

  • Eat intuitively. Learn hunger and fullness cues. Don’t eat until you feel full or stuffed. 

  • Cook as much as possible. Be in control of the food you’re putting into your body. 

  • Eat slowly.

  • Lift weights more than you do cardio. Build your body up. 

  • Cheat, but don’t let it derail you. 

  • Never feel guilty when you cheat. 

  • Ignore the number on the scale.

  • Recognize emotional eating cues. 

  • Avoid beverages with empty calories.  

  • Eat carbs everyday. Get your carbs from real food sources(rice, potatoes, fruit, oats, etc.) 

  • Avoid processed foods. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. 

  • Plan your meals and your training schedule.

  • Prioritize sleep by aiming for 8 hours of of quality sleep. 

  • Manage stress (meditate, go on walks, turn off your cell phone, be alone, etc.) 

That list may seem a bit overwhelming, and it should be! There’s quite a lot up there. I recommend you run through this list and identify what comes easy for you first. 

Next, run through the list and identify the habits that don’t come so easy. Then, prioritize 3-5 habits to work on for the next 4-8 weeks. 

Every month or two, try to adopt a few more habits. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you’re having trouble sticking with new habits, try to narrow your scope to just 1 or 2. 

Whatever your goals are, create a list of habits displayed by successful people in those disciplines: 

Want to be better with your money? Act more like Dave Ramsey.

Want to increase your motivation? Act more like Kobe Bryant. 

Want to live till 100? Act more like Laird Hamilton. 

Want to learn more? Act more like Joe Rogan. 

Find someone that is doing what you want to do, and act more like them. 

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,Your actions become your habits,Your habits become your values,Your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi 

If you have any questions, please e-mail me [email protected] 

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